The 9th Annual PPMG
November 10th, 11th and 12th, 2017. 
049 SW Porter St. 
NUNM, the Naturopathic College
Portland, Oregon.

Class Descriptions for 2017

Baba Yaga's House
with Milla Prince
A Class on how and why the Witch is making a return in our age, the many historical and cultural connotations of the word and concept, and a discussion on how modern witches are part of an ancient lineage of people who live in the margins, see in the dark, and hear and speak in the voice of nature and the invisible world. We'll discuss the witch as a feminine power, a subversive voice, a "shaman", a political figure, and even a #trend.
Tree People
with Milla Prince

This class delves into the mythology of trees as our ancestors, ancient deities, and living beings in their own right; all the while learning how to create beautiful, practical magic and medicine with them. Trees are often overlooked as a simple, easy-to-approach medicinal plants for those seeking to learn plant-knowledge. They are relatively easy to identify, rich in constituents, easy to harvest safely and sustainably, and they are a huge part of most of our ancestral plant medicine. Trees carry some of the oldest, most tangible magic on this Earth, literally giving us the breath of life.
Use What You Got: Working With a Limited Apothecary
with Missy Rohs

Many people, when starting their herbal journey, hear from their teachers that an experienced herbalist tends to rely on a small handful of herbs for almost everything. Besides that, there are many situations in which we only have a few plant medicines at hand. How do we work with a limited selection of healing herbs? This will be a fun, thoroughly participatory class in which students will work together to find creative ways to address common ailments, even when they don't have their favorite herbs to work with. Plant actions and energetics will be the common thread throughout the scenarios we create together.
Powerful Herbal Pairs
with Paul Bergner 
The basis of good herbal formulation is a study and understanding of pairs and triplets of herbs with synergies that give the combinations powers greater than the sum of the actions of the individual herbs. We will discuss pairing strategies with a dozen of the most commonly used herbs in Western Herbalism.
Seasons of the Wild Ones
with Heron Brae 
Many of us feel lost and longing for a way home to a right relationship with the earth and our plant allies. Modern life divorces us from the natural rhythms of the land unless we make a conscious decision to be connected to them. What are the natural seasonal rhythms of our landscape? How do these seasonal rhythms affect our lives, activities, and health? How are the seasons reflected in the plants around us? In this lecture we will discuss seasonal patterns in relationship to plants, and the inner seasonal rhythms that echo within and around us. The wheel of the year holds many layers of pattern and symbology, including plant harvesting techniques, medicinal characteristics, human development, and community design. We will come away with a map of each of our personal yearly cycles to help us shape a more earth-centered life for ourselves.
Nuestra Raíces: Ancestral and Herbal Knowledge for a New Lexicon of Healing
with Lara Pacheco 
Lara Pacheco, of Seed and Thistle Apothecary and Seasonal Wellness Clinic, will share from her Puerto Rican ancestral plant lore as a way to understand and stitch together the body, mind, and spirit connection that have been lost to our consumeristic culture’s perspective on medicine, the body and illness. Lara believes that connecting with our herbal ancestral narratives is a source of strength and resilience in the face of global ecological catastrophe. She also believes that those most marginalized by our patriarchal system will be the leaders in the emerging shift in consciousness and place. The real question is can we re immerse ourselves deeply into the web/womb of life through our stories and ancestral connections? We’ll also learn how it is possible to try and integrate ancestral guides into a herbalist practice. Join Lara, by gently immersing yourself in the deep vast ocean of ancestral knowledge and plant lore; since plants will help us lead the way.
Herb Walk
with Gradey Proctor
Join Gradey as we walk around the grounds to see what’s growing, or dormant, around Campus. We’ll learn to identify medicinal herbs by their dead stems and seeds, trees and shrubs by their twigs; discussing botany, ecology, medicinal uses, wildcrafting and whatever else the plants feel up to sharing.  Please come dressed for the weather.
30 Herbs to Heal your Village: Understanding What you Really Need  with Erico Schleicher 
What do we really need to be effective herbalists? A deep understanding of certain locally accessible plants and how to gather and formulate them; a close connection to the particular health needs of your community; and a grasp of basic therapeutic principles and how to spot potential red flags. All of these intersect at the conceptual nodes represented by a relatively small materia medica of plant medicines you know thoroughly and intimately. In this "demystified approach to being extraordinarily helpful," we explore ways to develop into herbal medicine workers for our various peoples and communities without the stresses that accompany being the only one holding access to esoteric arts. This class offers perspectives on how plant based medicine connects ecological sustainability with direct community support and health accessibility.
Plant Communion for Self-Care and Healing Practice
with Camilla Blossom and Katie Silva
Experience plant spirit communion—merging with the subtle energies of the flower fairies, devas, plant and tree spirits—as a heart-centered practice for self-care and to enhance your healing, teaching, alchemy practice. The Language of Nature is communicated through the heart. Camilla will share Wild Rose flower essence to help us open to receiving love and energetic healing frequencies we may be missing. She will share how to work with the spirit of the flowers for self-love, self-care, and to ignite passionate self-expression. Katie will hold space for you to have a direct experience in deep body based relationship with plants to reset your nervous system, receive more deeply, and to channel the healing spirit of plants to others in your healing practice. 

Basketry as Plant Medicine 
with Peter Michael Bauer 
Class Description coming soon! 
Descriptions from 2016:
Keynote Address with Dori Midnight
Dreaming Ourselves Free: Magic and Medicine for Collective Liberation
Between the Worlds: Queer Magic & Medicine
with Dori Midnight
Being between the worlds---the place where sometimes we queer, genderqueer, trans* people dwell--- is a kind of magic. Between the worlds is also full of potent gifts (beauty! Magic! self -determination!) and intense challenges (oppression! alienation! trauma! policing!)  In this workshop, we’ll explore possibilities of queer magic and share wisdom about rituals and plant and stone remedies for protection, healing, guidance, support, self determination, and queer thriving.
Building Resiliency and Autonomy via Womb Education
with Lara Pacheco 
How do we as herbalists help guide our female bodied youth to cultivate the wild within, while giving them tools to resist a  paradigm that  seeks to dominate, normalize, commodify, and surrender the free feminine spirit?  The confined parameters of power that plagued our ancestors for thousands of years continue today in different forms and begin with our youth.  Join Lara Pacheco from Seed and Thistle Apothecary who will share her model of work and tools in the form of herbal youth programming to assist them in discovering plant allies while also developing an awareness of their bodies and the surrounding landscapes and elements.  Herbs that we have worked with will be shared.  Rather than shame and fear, Lara seeks to build a culture of love and respect for the mystical nature of the female body and the beauty in all young body types regardless of gender. This work has been her greatest avenues of hope in a continuing climate of fear and patriarchal power.

Combating Systemic Oppression by Cultivating the Wild with Home and Heart grown Medicine
with Lara Pacheco

Join Lara Pacheco of Seed and Thistle Apothecary as she explores the various ways we can help connect people to the surrounding landscapes, plants, and the healing potential of their bodies while also sustaining a small scale herbal business that aligns with your ethics and goals.  She'll share the work she's been involved with in her neighborhood as a business women, 
community activist, and herbal medicine ambassador.   She's also discuss models of educational programming and the latest project of starting a mobile herbal clinic, The Seasonal Wellness Collective, to help perpetuate herbalism as a model of empowerment and access.  Also included will be a discussion of some vital plants to be a part and the drivers of this type of work.
20 Questions with Dori and Shayne
Dori Midnight and Shayne Case are both intuitive healers and flower essence practitioners, as well as old friends. Please join us as we interview each other about healing practices; the mythology of the wounded healer archetype; relationship to earth, ancestors, social justice, and spirit; and other surprises! In the spirit of our deep belief that friendship is one of the most powerful and radical forms of healing and that some of the most beautiful moments arise in the unexpected and when you make space for them, we want to create a forum to ask each other questions and open it up to allow other people to ask us questions, too. 
Hearts on Fire!
Flower Essences & Gemstones for Visionaries, Activists, Healers & Artists
with Shayne Case
Can peace exists amidst the chaos of great change? In this class, we will invoke the spirits of the peacemakers and plants to teach us how to stand up in the river when the current is against us. This is an experiential class where we will be taking plant and gem essences to explore themes of resilience, self-care, compassion, fortitude, justice, and protection.
Sex, Love and Herbal Medicine
with Elokin Orton-Cheung 
In this workshop you will learn about working with plants to nurture healthy sexuality. We will talk about heart-centered rituals as tools for radical self love and healing, a bit of history of herbs in love spells and sexy times, and you will get familiar with five plants that can support you to reclaim sensuality and invite sexual harmony into your life. 
Health in a Toxic World
with Silke Akerson
We live in a changing world and none of us, no matter where we live or how we eat, will live a life unaffected by the toxins our industries and food systems have introduced into our environment.  Once we let that reality settle in, how do we think about our personal and communal health in relation to this knowledge?  We will spend our time together talking about:
  • How we can use the simple tools of food, medicinal plants, movement, and elimination to support our bodies as they are exposed to a variety of pollutants.
  • How our individual health hinges on working together to turn the systems around that are making our world harder for everyone (humans, animals, and plants) to live in. 
Healing Herbs for Babies and Children
with Silke Akerson
Do you want to use herbal medicine with the young people in your life but are unsure about which herbs in what amounts are safe for children and babies?  This class is an introduction to safely using herbs and other natural remedies with babies and children.  You will learn about easy-to-use remedies for some of the most common childhood ailments with weight and age appropriate dosage.  The class will also cover setting up a basic home pharmacy, helping children foster a strong relationship with plants and medicinal flavors, and resources for further learning.  
Waking From a Long Unrest: An Herbalist's Path to Healing from Civilization
with Heron Brae 
What is the way to leave behind the legacy of oppression we have inherited? What does herbalism have to do with genocide, domination, colonization, patriarchy? This lecture will investigate the worldview that causes our current cultural and ecological crisis and how to step forward into the unknowns of healing the past and being with what's next. We will look at the patterns from the oppressive society which exist within all of us, how they manifest in herbalism, and how we can transform them. 
Diabetes, Colonization and Herbal Intervention
with Lydia Bartholow
Oppression is an experience than can be trapped in our physical bodies. Diabetes type II, in particular, is a common and wide spread disease of colonization and oppression.
This diabetes primer explores the many the avenues to diabetes, paying special attention to the influence of capitalism and structural violence. We will look at who gets diabetes in the US and why health disparities prevail. We will wrap up with a review of herbal and nutritional interventions.
# This class is explicitly fat positive!
Toward A Trauma-Informed Herbalism: Communication Strategies in Herbal Medicine
with Lydia Bartholow
As herbalists, our words are as powerful as our medicine. Indeed, our words are a part of our medicine. This workshop explores how to use our words as medicine, and how to infuse our communication with healing intention. We will review healing communication strategies from from trauma-informed validation to harm reduction and motivational interviewing. We will focus on appropriate communication for difficult emotional states such as illness, trauma and heartbreak. However, these basic tools can help guide assessments, clinical intervention and even herbalist (and non-herbalist)  facebook banter. Participants will come away with useful, trauma informed communication skills for every day life. 
The Heart Protector
with Sean Donahue 
In Chinese medicine, the Pericardium protects the Heart, which is the vessel containing our consciousness. In this workshop we will explore the damage the Pericardium suffers in this culture and strategies for healing, and the role of two a simple two herb formula -- Lobelia and Sheng di Huang -- in opening the way for deeper healing for the heart itself.
Demystifying Herbal Abortion 
with Casandra Johns and Samantha Zipporah 
The teachers of this class do not believe that plant medicine is a wise or safe choice for terminating a pregnancy. However, they want to empower folks by facilitating clarity & depth of understanding of how plants can be used for this purpose. This education is necessary to create a culture of truly informed consensual decision making. 
Samantha will delve into the nuanced biochemistry & physiology of conception, implantation, & pregnancy to create a framework upon which to explore how plants can be used to disrupt these processes. Casandra will discuss several plants that can be used to potentially inhibit or interrupt implantation or end an early pregnancy. 

Each woman brings the embodied wisdom of personal experiences, & a deep desire to dispell the darkness shrouding this poignant topic with love & light.
Talking with Plants, Inviting the Wild into Your Medicine
with Larry Savides
Science has been gradually corroborating what witches and shamans have always known, that plants are aware and responsive.  In this class we will explore some ways to engage the consciousness of particular plants, see if they have advice for us, and ask for their aid.  At least one flower essence will be available to focus on, but you are also free to bring a plant ally of your choosing to work with.
Guided Q and A on Queer and Trans Healthcare
with Rowan Everard
Join me for a brief presentation about common misconceptions about queer and transgender healthcare, followed by a Q and A. Come prepared with the questions that you don’t know who else to ask. I promise I won’t judge. 

Herbal Allies for End of Life Care
with Trish Gallagher, the SeaWitch 
Herbs are often of great assistance in treating the challenges faced by both client and caregivers at the end of life.  We can treat the discomfort, pain, and anxiety many people face with herbs and reduce painful side effects often associated with pharmaceutical treatment.  Trish will share practical remedies and treatments used in her 15 years as a compassionate caregiver as well as the regulations, laws and attitudes that currently frame our approach to death and dying.  
Herbs for a Heavy Heart
with Missy Rohs
The selection of herbal nervines can seem vast and overwhelming -- especially when we need them most!  Missy will talk about some of her most-used plant remedies for grief, loneliness, stress, and sadness and include some of her favorite advice to give clients in need of emotional support.
Herbal Steams
with Jeevan Singh 
Marigold and Rosemary: The Wonder of Herbal Pelvic Steams Learn how to prepare your own herbal pelvic steam at home. Pelvic steams, like saunas, have been used in various cultures around the world to promote health, in this case, of the reproductive organs. Herbal steams are amazing for healing menstrual cramps, fibroids and pelvic pain, promoting fertility, and a long list of other benefits. Many herbs, such as marigold flowers and sprigs of rosemary, can be used depending on the conditions they treat or what’s growing in the backyard. We will be exploring some popular herbs and their uses, as well as a step­by­step how­to on setting up your own steam at home.
Weave a Baby Broom
with Peter Michael Bauer 
Come learn the basics of old-school broom making. We will be using Scotch Broom, which just as it sounds, is a traditional plant for making brooms. Modern natural brooms are made with Broomcorn, a commercially grown plant. Prior to the production of Broomcorn, brooms were made by everyday people using whatever plants they had available. In this class we will learn the principles of fashioning a broom together using invasive species. Although we are making cute little brooms, the techniques are translatable to a larger scale. We'll talk a little about the history of brooms, and the natural history and ecological role of Scotch Broom.
Complimenting your Herbal Practice with Bowenwork
with Cobalt Coy
Bowenwork is the homeopathy of bodywork. This workshop will touch on the ways Bowenwork and Herbalism share the same foundational theories on healing the body. Bowenwork utilizes precise, gentle manual movements to help bring the body back into balance so it can heal itself. Bowenwork is effective because it balances the tension patterns in the body and calms the nervous system through the unwinding of the fascia. Cobalt will share this uniquely effective modality from her 20 plus years of experience as bodyworker. You will learn what Bowenwork is and how to do a few procedures to calm the nervous system, increase respiration and encourage lymphatic drainage for breast health. Come sample this gentle, yet powerful, cutting edge modality in an inspiring and fun hour of learning!
Herbs! Oh, The Stories They Tell
with EagleSong Evans Gardener
Herbal wisdom travels through time and space on wings of words. Through story, a special magic and mystery of the green world enters our lives and enchants our everyday. Stories have the power to nurture human resilience, salve our grief, create places to share our joy and open doors to possibilities we might not see without them. Anyone can share a story, and through so doing, enrich life for themselves and others. Whilst listening to plants for the last 65 years, they have spun some fine yarns with me that want to be shared. Are you ready?
The Practice of Psycho-Spiritual Medicine 
with Scott Kloos
By rooting ourselves in the spiritual forces of the land in which we live, we learn to be conduits for the healing currents of nature. We become intermediaries for the Plant Teachers who are here to help us transform and awaken. As we connect with the plants, we remember who we are. As we develop relationships with the plants, we see ourselves more clearly, and as we illuminate the beings of the forest, we cannot help but illuminate ourselves and others. In addition to sharing tips for space holders, we’ll cover the basics of h
elping others identify and deepen relationships with their plant allies and guides including working from the heart and the healing power of song, ceremony, and prayer.
Herbal medicine for the Occasional Side Effects of Hormone Therapy for Transgender and Genderqueer People
with Angela Carter
In this class I will talk about the herbs I use to care for common conditions in transition.  I'll also discuss the use of herbal medicine by some in the trans community to transition physically,  the potential complications, and lack of good data on safety and effectiveness of these methods.
Herbal Remedies for Your Sun Sign, Flower Essences for Your Moon Sign
with Jaysen Paulson + Iris Misciagna
The Sun (or your "sun sign") in the natal chart represents your spirit and the seasonal, earth-based vitality you were born with. The moon in the natal chart represents your relationship to nourishment and the ways you emote, intuit, and reflect. In this class we will discuss the herbal and health remedies to keep your vitality up and discuss the flower essences that help balance shadow aspects of your moon sign that may be difficult to work with, as well as essences that support your moon sign's strengths and gifts.
"Balancing the Ocean" -  Blood Nourishing Methods for Herbalists
with Erico Schleicher
We have evolved a blood stream to carry the Mother Ocean around with us, bathing our cells and tissues in a salty soup of nutrients and washing out cellular wastes. We will explore the role of the blood's constituents and function in imbalances, looking at syndromes like "Blood deficiency" and "Blood stagnation" from integrated perspectives contrasting Eastern and Western views. We'll look at the dynamic movement of blood, the connection to the heart and vessels, common symptoms of blood level imbalances, and of course herbs and foods for helping to regulate and nourish the blood
Courageous Love: How to Keep Your Heart Open and Clear and Act with Compassion In An Evolving World.
with Lindsay Buchannan 
This class is about the heart organ, the heart energetically in the Chinese medicine system, the emotional body and the heart chakra. It’s all hearts and love! We will explore and discuss how to stay open, kind and compassionate in our modern world while nurturing and caring for ourselves first and foremost. When tragedy strikes, it either drives us away into our dark hiding spots, or it pulls us out to express ourselves. We will talk about how to best express ourselves in a loving and compassionate way while emotionally supporting ourselves and each other. In the Chinese medicine the heart is to always remain empty so the spirits can come in and out as they choose. Learn how to accomplish this with a handful of herbs, remedies and stones and energetic tools that will be taught. Learn how to best support our hearts, in every way so we can be on our paths with love and ease! Let love win!
The Language of Herbalism 
with Casandra Johns 
In this class we will discuss the history of the language of Traditional Western Herbalism. As language informs action, we will look at the semantics of humoralism and herbal energetics from a holistic and historical perspective in an effort to inform our current praxis. What terminology currently in use is actually reductionist in origin? What do the words we use to describe a particular plants' actions actually tell us about it as a healing ally? How did this terminology come down to us through history? What language can we use to most effectively honor the plants and communicate with our clients?
Medicine for the People: Free Clinics and Anti-oppressive Herbalism
with Members of The People's Health Clinic of Portland 
Historically, herbalism has been "people's medicine," a widely accessible form of healing. What does it mean to practice herbalism today in a way that is accessible, anti-oppressive, and reflective of herbalism's roots in folk medicine? This workshop will be a space to explore these intersections. Workshop facilitators will also share our experience organizing and practicing at the People's Health Clinic of Portland, a free clinic serving those of us living at the crossroads of economic injustice and other systemic oppressions. 
Stone and Plant Alchemy
with Sarah Thomas
Stone and crystal medicine is an important part of our earth’s healing potential. Over the past few years, ancient knowledge on Chinese Taoist stone medicine has been released back into the healer’s awareness. When stones and plants work together, we can access more layers of of body and spirit for healing and awakening. In this class, several stones and their properties will be covered. We will discuss exactly what plants they pair well with, and many methods for practically weaving stone medicine into your tinctures, teas, gardens and more. This is a life-changing class.
Stones for Trauma
with Sarah Thomas
In this class, you will learn how several crystals and minerals can help you safely release trauma. For thousands of years, people have successfully used sugilite to integrate womb and sexual trauma, yellow tourmaline to heal PTSD, and sunstone to re-pattern how traumatic life events can confuse our relationship to Source. You will learn how to use several stones with on-the-body placement and powerful internal elixirs.
Pelvic bowl stagnation and Chinese herbs
with Rowan Everard
This class will explore the phenomena of pelvic bowl stagnation in Chinese medicine. Pelvic stagnation can be involved in the presentation of many illnesses, including PCOS, uterine fibroids, cancers of the lower abdomen, and menstrual irregularities of all kinds. We will discuss some mechanisms of pathogenesis in Chinese medicine, and look at an excellent Chinese herbal formula that treats many presentations of this common issue.
Elemental Medicine
with Wheels Darling 
Let's explore the old ways of classical Greek herbal cosmology, discussing the four elements, the four temperaments, the four fluids, and the four effective qualities. How did this cosmology affect European and Western herbal medicine over the next 2000 years? How does this perspective help us expand our understanding of contemporary herbal medicine? Can these ancient systems help us understand pathophysiological effects of herbs? How does this cosmology relate to the five element system in East Asian medicine? We will explore these questions and more.
Romancing the Plants:  Poetry, Song & Listening as the tools of rEvolution
with Benjamin Pixie
We will explore the power of courtship, wooing, and becoming a lover to the green leafed people and the Earth on which they grow.  We will share songs and stories of our own opening evolution as human beings through truly witnessing and being present with plant people, and take this opportunity of our collected energies and big overflowing, hopeful hearts to take human plant relationships to new/ancient heights as unseen in these lands for centuries. 
The Key to Herbal Energetics and Human Constitution
with Sajah Popham
Alchemy is said to be a universal science, spirituality, and medicine and holds the key to integrating the great traditions of the world. This synthesis is more important now than it ever has been before, and the ability to translate between herbal and medical traditions allows one to be a well rounded practitioner of the herbal art. In this class, you will learn the cosmology of nature according to the alchemical tradition of the west, and how it specifically applies to our classification schemes of herbal energetics and understanding the human constitution- both of which lie at the root of a truly vitalist and holistic practice of herbal medicine. 
Perfume and Medicine 
with Jessica Ring and Sean Donahue
This class will sit at the crossroads between perfume and medicine.  Heart-centered herbalist Sean Donahue will discuss the medicinal uses of various west coast aromatics while Jessica Ring builds a natural perfume from these aromatic extracts.  Black Poplar, Devils Club, Wild Ginger, Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, Osha.....these are just a few of the special perfume plants that will be explored and blended in this sensory journey.
Medicinal Planting Calendar 
with Laura Altvater
Ever wonder when to start your seeds, take cuttings, or divide  your established medicinal plants?  This class will provide you with a comprehensive guide to do all the this and maybe even more.  Great for beginning and advanced growers.  
Ecosystem Informed Formulation
with Sean Croke 
This class will focus on listening to the plant communities and landscapes that live around the herbalist to inform how we formulate herbs, i.e if they grow together and work well together in an ecosystem than they will work well together in the ecosystem of the human body.
Herb Walk
with Gradey Proctor
Join Gradey as we walk around the grounds to see what’s growing, or dormant, around Campus. We’ll learn to identify medicinal herbs by their dead stems and seeds, trees and shrubs by the twigs; discussing botany, ecology, medicinal uses, wildcrafting and whatever else the plants feel up to sharing.  Please come dressed for the weather.
Co-Creating Garden Magic with Wild Devas and Elementals
with Camilla Blossom Bishop
Learn spiritual protocols for co-creating magical gardens through building relationshipwith the nature spirits, devas, elementals, and ancestors of your lands. Nature spirits want to co-create with us but need to be approached with respect, humility, and honoring. We will share our process of creating relationships with plant spirits, elves, unicorns, water devas, trees, mermaids, gnomes, fairies, land guardians and ancestors of Prairie Star in Mosier. Learn how altars in the gardens and forests serve to ground, honor, open communication, teachings, and co-creative spaces of nature connection. Katie Silva will be assisting in class.
Big Brown Kelps
with Trish Gallagher
Who are we as herbalists when we cannot in "good medicine" harvest the species we rely on? We will dive deeply into a new understanding of how to utilize the brown kelp species. Lets revive some old practices apply them in new ways, help restore health to the kelp beds and support our total healing in an active response to kelp colony collapse.
Descriptions from 2015: 

Keynote: Herbalism and the Animist Revival (Friday Eve.)
with Sean Donahue!
James Hillman said that "once the earth was declared dead, the autopsy began in earnest." Though capitalist culture tells us the world is not alive, we herbalists feel the planet's living pulse. What then, do we do, for the patient the culture has strapped to the table?
Neurodiversity: What Herbalists Need to Know
with Sean Donahue
We will explore the concept of neurodiveristy: the idea that their is a natural and beneficial variation in human neurobiologies and modes of consciousness, sensation, processing, and speech -- and its implications for herbal practice. We will also discuss the harm done by treating neurodivergence as pathological, the past and current role of some parts of the natural and alternative health communities in promoting eugenicist perspectives on Autism and other forms of neurodivergence, and how herbalists can best serve neurodivergent patients and support neurodivergent colleagues.
Herbs and Eros
with Sean Donahue
Eros is the Greek word for the drive to live. We will talk about Eros as a force of creation in our bodies, our being, and our world and explore how herbs can aid the way it moves through us. We will spend time with Yellow Pond Lily (a plant about which Kirsten Hale will share her insights and experiences), Damiana, and Devil's Club.
Dreaming with Plants
with Atava Garcia Swiecicki
In this class we will explore the magical intersection between the plant world and the dream world.  We will discuss certain plants, called oneirogens, which have been used in different cultures to induce dreams.  We will learn how plants can affect our dreaming state, learn how to incubate healing dreams, and learn how to honor the plants that show up in our dreams.  Please bring your plant dreams to share with the class.
Herbal Limpias
with Atava Garcia Swiecicki
The limpia is an important healing practice in Mexican curanderismo. The limpia is a traditional cleansing ceremony which is used to purify one’s energy field, to release emotions, to unblock and move old trauma, and to call the spirit back into the body.
In this workshop we will introduce some basic concepts of curanderismo, the traditional folk medicine of Mexico, and focus on the specific practice of limpias. We will focus on the role that plants play in this healing ceremony. Finally, we will practice giving ourselves a limpia with fresh plants.
Autochthonous Herbalism: becoming one with the herbs
with Ryan Drum
Living with the herbs in close everyday contact is a continuing action to share not only space and realestate, but also molecules with the herbs, repeatedly. This will tend to enhance full-body acceptance of herbal molecules, especially when  asked  for health positive assistance.  In this class we will explore becoming one with the herbs.
Sea Vegetables
with Ryan Drum
In this class, Ryan will talk about both personal and cultural uses of various sea vegetables.  We will taste many different kinds.
Healing Trauma with Flower Essences and Gemstones
with Shayne Case
In our lifetime we will all experience trauma. As a result of trauma we can experience a range of reactions, from minor imprints to PTSD.  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder occurs when we are unable to resolve and process through a traumatic episode and it gets stuck somewhere in our emotional, energetic, psychic, mental, and physical bodies. This class is an invitation to learn from the plant and gemstone spirits about their role in the healing process. Please note that this is an experiential class involving taking flower essences, working with gemstones, meditating, and being present with our spiritual allies for the release of trauma from past lives, our ancestors, and our own personal story. Together, we will create a sacred learning circle; your timeliness is appreciated.
Madness, Plants and Transformation
with Jon Keyes
This will be an in depth discussion of the role of herbs in working with people in extreme states such as psychosis, mania or for people labeled with the diagnosis schizophrenia and Bipolar.  In the discussion I will focus on the juxtaposition between modern ways and traditional ways of viewing and treating extreme states and how herbs can play a fundamental role in recovery.  
Rewilding our Hearts: Herbalism for Emotional Distress
with Jon Keyes
The modern day epidemic of increasing mental illness is rooted in large part to our increasing fragmentation and disconnection from the natural world.  In this class I will explore how herbalists are uniquely qualified to help repair that rupture and help people to heal from emotional distress such as anxiety, depression and post traumatic stress.
Grown with Love- Creating a Magikal Medicinal Herb Garden
with Elokin Orton Cheung

I’m so excited to offer this class as a big garden nerd! For this workshop we will talk about gardening with magik- weaving in cycles of the moon and bringing intention and ceremony into our gardens. You will get hands on experience
with growing techniques for 5 different plants to work with in magikal rituals, and you'll go home with seeds and cuttings to start your own magical medicinal herb garden.

Plant Medicine for our Furry Friends
with Elokin Orton-Cheung

Animals are our beloved teachers and we are fortunate to have them in our lives.  In this class we will be talking about plant medicine to care for our animal friends and help them to be in balanced health. We will look at flower essences for emotional well being, explore illness prevention through healthy diet, and go over plants for basic herbal first aid.
7 Plants, 7 Planets: Fixing the Celestial Wanderers
with Sajah Popham
The patterns of relationship between plants and planets runs deep within the tradition of western herbalism, as astrology was one of the primary tools of Renaissance herbalists as a system of classification, therapeutics, and diagnostics. In this class, we will explore 7 botanical medicines that correspond to the 7 inner planets of astrology and the 7 layers of the human organism- physiologically, psychologically and spiritually- through the medicinal virtues and signatures in the plants. You will also get a chance to experience both plant and planet through tasting spagyric extracts of these plants which are prepared in accordance with the astrology of the herbs. 

Rose: Myth, Medicine, & Magic
with Jacks Overstreet
For centuries Rose has acted as a gateway to the heart; a conjurer of the sweetest decadence; a fierce protector of what is sacred; an invocation of sensuality; a guide back home, to the heart, to love. Come listen to the stories, taste the medicine, and explore the magic that Rosaceae has to offer.  This class will incorporate practices to encourage deeper connection to plant magic and medicine.
Belonging: Humans and the Ecosystems of the Pacific Northwest
with Heron Brae
What is the role of humans in nature? What can we learn from wild medicinal plants about ecosystem functioning? Why and how do our relationships to wild ecosystems matter? How do we approach wildcrafting from an ecological perspective? What are the major ecosystems of our region, what are some of their foundational medicinal plants, and how to they differ? Have plants and humans adapted to live with each other, and how? How does all this relate to Traditional Ecological Knowledge and the genocide of indigenous people? We will address these questions, and look at a landscape-scale view of herbalist relationships to wild plants. 
Herbal Medicine Making
with Felicia Ferruzza
In this class, we will be learning about Western and Chinese medicinal herbs, putting together teas and making herbal vinegar. We will be able to touch, smell, and taste fresh and dried herbs as we talk about how they can help us as medicine as well as how to use some of the herbs as food. Everyone will take home their hand-made herbal teas and vinegars.  Children welcome!
Pedicularis: Elephant's Head, Parrot's Beak, Indian Warrior, and Friends
with Howie Brounstein  
Pedicularis has risen in popularity over the last few years.  This valuable local plant is difficult to purchase on the market, and shrouded in misconceptions on the internet.  I will discuss its uses as well as its history, ecology, wildcrafting techniques, and analogs. Drawing from 30 years experience with this plant, I will use case histories, illustrative stories, blood work, and humor.
Making a Coiled English Ivy Basket
with Peter Michael Bauer
This basket is very aesthetically pleasing and easy to produce. Coiling can feel more like sewing than weaving, as pieces are wrapped together in a completely different fashion from twining or regular weaving. It also requires a lot less material to be gathered.
Kitchen Witchery: The Secrets of Your Spice Rack
with Missy Rohs
Sshhh!  Don't tell your unsuspecting neighbors, but they are surrounded by medicinal plants every time they walk into their kitchens!  The herbs and spices in their cabinets are tasty, for certain, and good for digestion.  What other secret powers do those tiny jars hide?  We'll focus on a handful of herbal powerhouses that can quell a nighttime cough, shoo away a cold, help with menstrual cramping, and ease achy muscles.
Herbal Treatment of Pain
with Paul Bergner
Acute or chronic pain manifests a complex of physical and psychological symptoms. Conventional pain medications may address the chemical aspect or the perception of pain, but do not address the broader Pain Complex. Herbal formulations can have a broader impact, including anodyne, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, sedative, hypnotic, and antidepressant effects simultaneously. This talk will offer materia medica and a strategy for formulation for acute or chronic pain.  
Tracking Hawthorne: A Reluctant Pilgrim's Quest
with EagleSong Evans Gardener
An irreverent look at hawthorne and her place in the hedge!  Learn how she tricked an innocent bystander into becoming a dancing fool...If you've had it up to here with perfection and are willing to take a look over the edge at other options, let hawthorne be your guide.  Be careful!  She's a tricky wicket!
Honeybee Medicine
with Jacqueline Freeman and Robin Wise
Most health practitioners use tinctured propolis but there are other ways to bring bee healing into our bodies. Using her ability to communicate with honeybees, Jacqueline learned the methods the bees use within their own colonies to promote healing and to keep themselves healthy. This class engulfs attendees in a sensual experience of bee healing that will give you a profound appreciation for the generosity of these marvels of Nature.
Your Connection to Plants, Your Connection to Planets
with Jaysen Paulson
For thousands of years, there has been a visceral kinship between healing and timing; nature and the cosmos; the plants and the people. In this class we will look at individual relationships with plants that we know and love and their relationship to the cosmos. This class will include group pairs and discussion. "The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore the physician must start from nature, with an open mind."-Paracelsus
Plant Propagation and Tending Wild Stands
with Sean Croke
This class will look at the many ways that a wildcrafter can propagate the plants that they love so much in order to expand existing patches, create new ones, or move the plants into their gardens. We will cover cuttings, root propagation, seed collecting and germination, leaf propagation and more!

Plants for Aching Bodies
with Sean Croke
In this class we will look at herbal and nutritional support for aching bodies, both acute and chronic. We will discuss some first aid situations as well as long term support for those living with old injuries. 
Herb Walk
with Gradey Proctor
Learning about plants can happen all year long. Join Gradey aswe walk around the grounds to see what’s growing, or dormant, around Campus. We’ll learn to identify medicinal herbs by their dead stems, trees, and shrubs by their twigs; discussing botany and ecology, medicinal uses,
wildcrafting and whatever else the plants feel up to sharing.  Please come
dressed for the weather.
Rebirthing with Trees and Water of Our Mother
with Camilla Blossom Bishop
Experience Plant & Nature Spirit Medicine through a powerful guided meditation, flower and tree essences, discussion, and stories. We will return to our mother and the wisdom and support of Ancestor Trees and allow an energetic soul rebirthing... and nature emergence.
From Poppies to Powerlessness: An Addiction Materia Medica
with Lydia Bartholow
This addiction primer reviews concepts in the field of addiction and herbal intervention. We will begin by reviewing  past and present conceptualizations of addiction and addictive behavior. Going beyond the idea of addiction as solely patterns of over use, we will explore key ideas and frameworks such as safety, tissue dependence and harm reduction. With a solid understanding of addiction and behavior, we will review an addiction materia medica and go in depth to look at our plant allies in the realm of addiction.
Health Justice
with Lydia Bartholow
This interactive workshop explores the broader concept of health justice for herbalists. In this context, we assume that health and any provision of health care is political, and we begin to the soft dance between activist and healer. We will explore the physiology of oppression and trauma, paying special attention to diabetes and addiction. We will review key concepts in health justice such as the medical industrial complex, harm reduction and structural violence.
A Doctrine of Psycho-spiritual Signatures: Patterns in Plants and Nature that Inspire Human Awakening
with Scott Kloos
There is a universal force that gives shape and form to all aspects of life. Bringing awareness to the patterns created by it helps us understand the medicinal properties of plants on the physical, energetic, and psycho-spiritual levels. We will study the way these patterns weave through our emotional and spiritual lives as we experience, via pictures, taste, direct communion, and song, their teachings as reflected by the native plants of the Pacific Northwest.
Working with Stress and Trauma
with Sarah Holmes  
In this class we will explore how stress and trauma impact a person physically, emotionally and spiritually. What are some short and long term issues?  How do we identify and unwind these patterns? Treatment approaches and herbs for addressing these issues will be covered.
Heart Health
with Sarah Holmes
This class will explore the importance of the heart and how we can care for it. We will take a close look at the importance of our emotional/spiritual health and look at the inter-relationship between all aspects of our being and this vital organ. Herbs and essences that support this work will be covered.
Healing Menstrual Cramps
with Silke Akerson
Menstrual cramps are one of the most common and confounding issues for herbalists and the people experiencing them.  Many people just learn to live with their cramps, managing severe ones with pain medications, but there is much that can be done to manage and heal menstrual cramps over the long term.  Together we'll strive to understand what causes menstrual cramps and look at herbs, food changes, and lifestyle changes that can make a real difference in this sometimes debilitating health issue.
On Food and Eating
with Silke Akerson

Most herbalists recognize that nutrition is one of the foundations of health yet just telling a client to change their diet seems to be wildly ineffective.  Why is this and what can we do to work effectively on food and eating issues with our clients and ourselves?  Together we will look at food and eating patterns as the emotional, social, and cultural phenomenon they are and delve in to the gentle and slow work of making lasting dietary changes for health without reinforcing harmful or shameful messages about our bodies or our appetites.
Addressing the Wide Spectrum Presentations of Auto Immunity by Cultivating the Wild with Home + Heart Grown Medicine
with Lara Pacheco

Lara Pacheco will share how the suffering in our ecosystem is connected to our ill bodies and how the phenomenon of autoimmunity is inextricably linked to these threads.  She will share the general, common presentations seen in the patterns of auto-immunity and how investigating dietary and lifestyle factors are essential to a therapeutic protocol.  She will focus on four medicinal plants that can be cultivated in the garden, as well as in the hearts of the clients that herbalists work with, to help address the multi-layered complexity of auto-immunity.  Tools for making significant lifestyle changes with the help of plant allies will be discussed.  Lara will touch on the deeply embedded emotional component of autoimmunity, the connection to a distressed environment, her own continuing journey with auto-immune issues, and how helping people to establish particular plant allies that match with a person’s constitution has a remarkable potential for self-healing.
Big brown Kelps
with Trish Gallagher
There are 1500 species of brown "kelp" A diverse and commercially important group of marine algae brown kelps have a vital part to play in helping us to detox heavy metals and radioactive isotopes.THe brown kelps are also great to use in your garden and the care of livestock.High in the essential minerals and elements needed for vibrant health the brown kelp species are being used to create bio fuels and being considered for the ability to bio remediate toxins from the land.Lets meet a few favorites of the Pacific Northwest used for food fiber and healing.
Using Herbs to Support End of Life Care
with Trish Gallagher
We will take a look at the herbs, flower essences and plant medicines that ease the transition at end of life. Natural Home Death can use herbs in combination with western medical treatments or herbs alone as the client desires. Herbal care at end of life has many benifits for both the client, family and caregiving team.Plant medicines are safe gentle and very effective for pain relief, symptom managment and often can be self administered. We will talk a little about how to advocate for the dying and what you as a care provider can do to feel secure supporting your client's choices at this potent transition. 
The Magic and Medicine of the Bee
with Benjamin Pixie
Benjamin will be sharing stories of Bees as stewards of the fecundity of life and examples of alternative styles of civilization that promote diversity. 
Through myth, story and honey tasting this class will ingest the sweet plant medicines of the bees while exploring the bitterness of our current experiments in civilization. We will discuss the poison and
catastrophe of monoculture as exemplified in Colony Collapse Disorder. Through stories of powerful plants, pollinators and humans who remember we will untangle the webs of death and amnesia to grieve the losses and celebrate the beauties of being alive in these times of great change. 
From Brick Walls to Dilapidated Fences: Working Towards Healthy Boundaries with the Help of Herbs
with Sam Roberts
We all have boundaries whether we are aware of them or not, and all too often that awareness only comes once a boundary has been crossed or is out of balance.  Have you experienced feeling mysteriously drained, constantly overwhelmed, unable to feel a connection with those around you, or struggled to hold your own in relation to others?  It could have been due to a boundary that had become out of balance. In this class we will explore different kinds of personal boundaries, be they the kind that keep our blood in our veins or the kind that separate our energy from the energy of those around us, and how to keep them tuned up and functioning properly for better physical, emotional, and psychic health.
When the Body Talks;Tools for Intentional Listening
with Lindsay Buchannan
Harmonizing the mind, spirit and living in our bodies is no small feat, especially in our modern world. This class will explore the realistic and practical ways to deal with being present in and to our bodies. If you’ve been mired with chronic pain, physical symptoms, or chronic health issues, this class can help you explore a new approach in caring for the body. We’ll re-adjust and a-tune our listening to come from a place of curiosity, and gather some tools on how to do that in times of stress, illness and fatigue.
Flowers and Intention
with Iris Mae Misciagna
If you've worked with flower essences and enjoyed the relationship, you know that they are subtle and powerful medicine. They work on many levels, shifting our energy, emotions, and physical health. I believe part of the power of essences is the space they create for intention. Just as roses ask you to stop and smell them, slowing you down to make space for appreciation and gratitude, flower essences ask you to bring your attention to your own healing.

In this class we will explore the power of intention with Blue Medicinal flower essences. Whether it is courage, faith, or love that you are seeking to call into you're life, learning to use essences can help you clarify and open to your intention.
Awakening the Heart’s Intelligence:  Transforming Stress and Creating Resilience
with Hanna Jordan
For thousands of years world cultures have recognized the heart as a source of wisdom, connection, and deeper knowing. This class will explore the inspiring neuroscience of the heart and its implications for emotional healing, performance, and resilience. We will experience how we can cultivate a relationship with our hearts that not only enhances our health, creativity, focus, and intuition, but also the quality of our relationships and our connection with nature and the earth. In addition we will discuss 3 herbs that support our minds and hearts in creating this internal state we need for thriving and living as our best selves.
A Deeper Connection to the Seasons
with Erico Schleicher
What happens to our lungs in the Autumn? What happens to our livers in the Spring? We look closely at how plant medicines are involved in the ongoing dialogue between our complete selves and the energies of the world around us. There is a connection between the lives of plants and the seasonal changes that help us locate ourselves and our dynamic organ system health in the living world, our local Cascadia environment in particular. That resonance between the plants and our bodies, our rhythms and our emotions is enhanced by understanding the way these energetic forces work in the plants’ own life cycles. By orienting ourselves to the seasons, we share our experience more completely with the plant beings around us. 

For examples of years past, see the Archives page!