The Portland Plant Medicine Gathering is a yearly conference taking place in Portland, Oregon.  It is an opportunity to share knowledge and skills, to celebrate the plants, and honor their medicine.  A large part of our focus is on local plant life and local teachers but we like to bring in teachers from other places as well! We aim always to keep the Plant Medicine Gathering as affordable as possible and offer a sliding scale, scholarships with priority to BIPOC and marginalized people, and a lot of work trade positions.

The Portland Plant Medicine Gathering is rooted in anti-oppression, social justice, inter-sectional feminism, and queerness.  With full awareness that we live in a white supremacist patriarchal culture and that the practice of herbalism in this country historically has been represented through a European lens, this conference does not support or tolerate cultural appropriation, racism, sexism, fat-phobia, homophobia, or any forms of oppression. This gathering aims to create a space outside of this culture where diversity is welcomed and celebrated.