Greetings Plant Friends!

The 9th Annual Portland Plant Medicine Gathering is upon us!  So excited to celebrate the plants with you all!   

Here are some details you will need for the weekend.  If you are receiving this email, you are officially registered! 

-Please join us for the keynote talk with Ola Obasi, Deconstructing Reductionism as a Way of Life 
-Doors open at 6:30, talk begins at 7pm 
-Meet in Oak Hall (Radelet Hall),  2719 SW Kelley, directions below. 
-If you are registered for the weekend, this includes Friday night.  

-Please arrive between 9 and 9:45am to check in, there will be a lot of people so please come on the earlier side if you can to avoid a traffic jam! 
-Check in will be on the 3rd floor in the North Hallway of the Academic Building, 049 SW Porter St
-You do not need a ticket, your name will be on a list there (if your name is not on the list think about if you registered under a different name or business name, thanks.) 
-Opening Circle @ 10:00 am in the Medicine Marketplace/Great Hall. (room 310)  
-If for any reason you can not make it to check in Saturday morning, PLEASE do check in during the lunch break. 

-If you can't make it on Saturday and are coming Sunday only, check in is from 9:30-10:00am, if you checked in Saturday, no need to check inSunday

-We will have a raffle with exciting plant medicine and magic items, the proceeds will go to the  SANA Farm and local Rincon fisherman. Bring cash for tickets! 

Our keynote speaker, Ola Obasi lives in Puerto Rico and knows this organization personally, so happy to support them. 

“My ultimate goal is to get every Puerto Rican To Have A "victory garden" no matter how small even if it is flower boxes on their balconies."   Help the local fishermen who are in trouble and our great leaders in small sustainable organic agriculture such as Sana Farms whose farms, shade houses, machinery and crops are destroyed.”

-You can see the schedule for the weekend  
-You will receive a schedule with room numbers upon arrival.

-049 SW Porter St. Portland, Oregon, Main Academic Building.  (All classes and marketplaces are in the Main Academic Building, one class during each session will be in Oak (Radelet) Hall.  
-link for more location info 
-This link includes accessibility info and info about Radelet Hall and the Academic Building.   
-If you have not been to NUNM before, give yourself a little extra time to there and look at the maps carefully because it can be a little bit of a vortex.

-Taco Pedaler and Divine Cafe will be selling lunch both days, Taco Pedaler will be in the front parking lot (west of academic building), Divine Cafe will be on the 3rd floor in the South Hall.   
-There are not a lot of nearby food options but you can get downtown easily or to the SE side.  
-You can bring food if you like, there is a refrigerator, microwave, and toaster ovens on the first floor of the Academic Building in the NE corner.

-a covered water container
-a MUG for tea so we don't have to waste paper,  don't forget! ;)  We will provide tea! 
-Whatever you need to stay warm and dry if it's raining because you will be going outside between buildings and there are a couple of plant walks.  

-There will be so many incredible makers sharing their wares!  This is a great chance to buy local, support herbalists, and stock up for the holidays.
-Please visit all three marketplace rooms!   
-Please bring cash as there is not a nearby ATM. 

-You can park in any of the lots around NUNM, parking is free on the weekends.   

-Make sure to fill out a survey and leave it with us to be entered in a drawing for free registration next year! 

-All classes are open and you can choose as you go along, no need to pre-register.  The keynote is included with your weekend registration.  The conference is sold out and will be full!  There IS enough space and enough chairs for everyone so if a class is too full for you please go to another.  Please be mindful of people who need a chair in a full class and move to the floor if you are able, if you are not sure then ask them!   There will be sign language interpreters in some classes this weekend, please leave a seat in the front row so the person who needs this can see. Thank you! 

This conference strives to be as safe a space as possible.  We accept and celebrate all races, genders, gender identities, religions, abilities, ages, cultures, sexual orientations, and sizes.  Please do not assume anyone's gender or pronouns. Please respect spaces reserved for BIPOC (black, indigenous, and people of color).  Please be sensitive to all body types and  please do not make assumptions about health based on body size.  Please be mindful of appropriation when engaging with a culture other than your own.  Thank you!  

Just a reminder that there is no alcohol consumption allowed at this event (outside of tinctures of course!). NUNM does not allow alcohol or marijuana consumption on the premises. Apparently, because they are a university, they are under federal laws. Thank you!  

Saturday November 11th, 6:30pm-10pm 
@ Cider Riot, 807 NE Couch St. Portland, Oregon 
Join us for a whimsical night of music, dancing, and revelry to support local organizations, Seasonal Wellness Clinic, People's Health Clinic of Portland, and Sacred Lattice. 

Please let me know if you have any questions!  The conference is officially sold out.  

May the plants rejoice in our coming together, may we honor those who walked before us, the herbalists, midwives, and witches at the edge of the woods.  May we care for ourselves and our neighbors in new and old ways.  And may we dream a new world where the plants and animals are respected and loved, where healing is possible.   

See you soon!