For Cascade Anderson Geller:

Tribute from:  American Botanical Council

Tribute from:  Methow Valley Herbs

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May 2013: 

One of my favorite teachers and one of the world’s greatest herbalists passed this weekend.  Cascade Anderson Geller will be missed by so many, I like many others don’t feel ready to say goodbye, I thought I had 30 more years or so!!  But I have no say in this so I have lit my  candles and gathered herbs and flowers in her name.  Cascade was my teacher, my mentor, and my friend and I am so happy and feel so blessed that I was able to study, explore and laugh with her.  I learned so much from Cascade, she leads the best plant walks and tells the best stories.  She taught me to slow down, to listen, to pay attention.  She was not only a friend to the plants but to the animals, the forests, the mountains, and the rivers.  She was a deeply kind person and words just don’t really do it justice.  I will miss you Cascade, we all will.  I know your crossing was sweet and you are an  ancestor now.  A great shiny star has crossed from one world to the next.  As Cascade would say, “Grandfather Fire help me to be warmer, help me to serve, help me to protect.”  The torch has been passed.  Rest in Peace dear one.  I love you and thank you.

-Forever Cascade’s student, Nicole Pepper

From PPMG 2013:
Cascade Anderson Geller who has kicked off the last three Plant Medicine Gatherings with her fascinating keynote talks passed this Spring on May 4, 2013.  Cascade was an herbalist, wise woman, storyteller, teacher, wife, mother, activist and friend to many.  She is deeply missed and her memory lives strong in many of us.  We were very lucky that she shared so much of her knowledge, stories, humor and skills with us here in Portland and nationwide at various conferences.  Cascade was a strong, courageous, beautiful, and wise person whose influence has changed and fed many herbalists and healers in their work and in their lives.  She lives on through the plants, through our hands, our hearts and our sharing of knowledge. She loved the Portland Plant Medicine Gathering and would be so happy to see it continue and thrive.  Thank you Cascade for all you have given us and for all you have given to the Earth.

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