11th Annual PPMG 
November 23rd and 24th, 2019

Lewis and Clark College 
0615 SW Palatine Hill Rd, Portland, OR 97219  
All classrooms and spaces will be ADA accessible.


Conference Spaces:

The majority of the conference will take place in the following spaces:

See a detailed map of Lewis and Clark College here.



The best places to park will be the Lower Templeton Lot, and the Upper and Lower Griswold Lots. There may be overflow parking  (Fir Acres Lot, Forest Lot, etc) but please adhere to accessibility postings and respect spaces reserved for specific license plate numbers. Parking permits and spaces marked "staff parking" will not be in effect over the weekend.

Parking at Lewis and Clark is limited so we have set up a carpool link to coordinate rides. Post car availability and be sure to indicate what neighborhood you're coming from if you are originating in Portland. 


Bring a writing utensil and notebook for notes. We also recommend bringing a reusable water bottle and thermos to keep yourself replenished throughout the day. There will also be a communal alter! Please bring offerings for the land and help set intentions as a community.