This year's Portland Plant Medicine Gathering is taking place at
NUNM Campus
049 SW Porter Street, Portland, OR  97201
More Maps and Directions Here
Accesibiliy Maps below. 
Accessibiliy Info:
There will be ASL available for the keynote and select classes, please email for info. 
There will be BIPOC only healing space all weekend. Please only be in this space if you identify as a black, indigenous, or person of color. If you don't understand why, there are good articles online about why BIPOC need space separate from white people.  There will be emotional first aid, snacks, and coziness provided!  This will be on the third floor in room 305. 
The main academic building is three floors and there are no bathrooms on the third floor where most of the classrooms are. There are gender neutral bathrooms and one single restroom on the second floor and gender specific bathrooms with one accessible stall each on the first floor.  In Radelet (Oak Hall) there are gender specific bathrooms each with one accessible stall. 
We are aiming to keep this space as low scent as possible this weekend, PLEASE no perfume, cologne, strong scents, sprays, and or incense burning.  There is an elevator in the sw corner of the building, see maps below. There are cushioned chairs with no arm rests, some are more cushioned than others in all the classrooms. There will be some folding chairs without cushions in Oak (radelet) hall.
Oak hall is a little ways from the academic building, and there is one class in this building during each session, please see maps below.  There are more than enough chairs for the amount of tickets sold, however sometimes a class can get overfilled if a lot of folks pick that class, please choose another class or you can sit on the floor, please do not block the doorway. If you are able please give up your seat for someone who needs it! There will be ASL throughout the weekend in select classes, please be mindful of allowing people who need ASL to sit in the front row, thank you.  Classes will be in english, and with amplification in larger classrooms.  
Acessibility Maps:
Main Building to Oak Hall:The green line is the most accessible route from the main hall to Radelet (aka Oak Hall). Oak Hall is where one class during each session will be held and it is where the keynote, Saturday morning will be and one of the places you can check in saturday morning.  
Main Building to garden: The green line is the most accessible route from the main building to the garden. There will be only a couple of classes all weekend held at the garden, it is a nice place to take a break.  
Main Academic Building: This is where all other classes are held all weekend. Most classes are on the third floor along with the marketplace. There is one classroom on the first floor. You can check in Saturday morning on the third floor, north hallway, or you can check in at Oak Hall.