Welcome to Portland Plant Medicine, an online educational community and home of the Portland Plant Medicine Gathering, a yearly conference and celebration in Portland, Oregon! 
Dear Portland Plant Medicine Community,
As the organizer of this conference, I would like to acknowledge recent events at the Plant Medicine Gathering in November. There were some valid concerns in classes in regards to cultural appropriation and I know that feelings were hurt. I want to sincerely apologize for any inappropriate behavior and any harm done.  
This conference will continue to be dedicated to anti-oppression.  We are dedicated to centering POC voices and aim to make this as safe a space as possible for marginalized folks.  
Moving forward, I am listening to your feedback and making changes. These will be happening immediately and throughout this year and will also be implemented at next year's conference.  
Some of these changes include:
  • Creating a Portland Plant Medicine Board with POC staff to advise on issues pertaining to the intersection of herbalism and oppression; to ensure teachers are in alignment with the values of PPMG; to continue to support a diverse community where all learners feel welcome and included. 
  • Developing a more thorough screening process of potential teachers. 
  • Offering inclusion and diversity training to prospective teachers. 
  • Including POC only spaces at future conferences.
With full awareness that we live in a white supremacist patriarchal culture and that the practice of herbalism in this country historically has been represented through a European lens, this conference does not support or tolerate cultural appropriation, racism, sexism, fat-phobia, homophobia, or any forms of oppression. This gathering aims to create a space outside of this culture where diversity is welcomed and celebrated.  
Thank you for your continuous support. I see this as a challenging opportunity to grow and stand more centered in my integrity and intention. As a white skinned, Jewish, queer person I wish to do my best to dismantle white supremacy and be an ally to the marginalized people in this community and beyond.  
With love,
Nicole Pepper 
conference organizer 


Announcing the 9th Annual PPMG!
November 10th, 11th, and 12th 2017

Keynote with Ola Obasi 

3% of all profits go to Brown Girl Rise! 

Brown Girl Rise in Portland, Oregon is a radical sisterhood of girls of color reclaiming their connection to body, community, land, health, and creativity to cultivate a just future where we rise together.
A full weekend of workshops on community care, radical health, herbal first aid, plant magic, flower essences, medicine making, ethical wild-crafting, botanical identification, herbal gardening, and more!  Together we celebrate the beauty and strength of plants, community,and our wild hearts. 
We aim to keep the Portland Plant Medicine Gathering as affordable as possible by offering early bird prices, scholarships, and work trade.  
To apply for a scholarship, please fill out the application here, marginalized folks and people of color encouraged to apply! 
We will have a raffle to support Puerto Rico, bring your dollars! 
For work trade, please email:  ppmworktrade@gmail.com 
work trade is FULL.