Welcome to Portland Plant Medicine, an online educational community and home of the Portland Plant Medicine Gathering, a yearly conference and celebration in Portland, Oregon! 
Announcing the 8th Annual Portland Plant Medicine Gathering! 
November 11th, 12th, and 13th 2016
@NCNM, 049 SW Porter St.
Portland, Oregon.
Online Registration is officially OPEN!
The Early Bird Price is $130
if you register by November 1st! 
A full weekend of workshops on community care, radical health, herbal first aid, plant magic, flower essences, medicine making, ethical wild-crafting, botanical identification, herbal gardening, and more!  Together we celebrate the beauty and strength of plants, community,and our wild hearts. 
We aim to keep the Portland Plant Medicine Gathering as affordable as possible by offering early bird prices, scholarships, and work trade.  
To apply for a scholarship please email nicolepepper8@gmail.com, marginalized folks and people of color encouraged to apply! 
Update:  We have had a huge number of requests for scholarships, unfortunately we will not be able to fill all of them, please keep that in mind so that the people who really need them, get them! Thank you.
For Work-trade, please contact ppmworktrade@gmail.com