2017 Weekend Schedule! 
The 9th Annual Portland Plant Medicine Gathering! 
November 10th, 11th, and 12th
Subject to Change! 
Friday Eve
6:30pm Doors Open In Radelet Hall (Oak Hall) 2719 SW Kelly Ave. 
7pm: Keynote with Ola Obasi 
9:00-10:00am Check In (Academic Building, 3rd floor, 049 SW Porter St.)
9:30am- 6:00pm Medicine Marketplace Open (rooms 310, 301, 302) 
10:00-10:15 Opening Circle (room 310, Academic Building, 3rd floor)
*You do not need to pre-register for classes, you can choose as you go.*
Session 1:  10:30-11:45 
-Working with Trauma from a Native Perspective with Karyn Sanders
-Baba Yaga's House with Milla Prince 
-Sacred Spirit of Mullein: Listening to Your Inner Guidance 
with Camilla Blossom   
-Making the Most of Common Health Problems with Lindsay Buchanan 
-Making Beauty in the Wild World... with Rose S.B.  
-Self-Limpias con Yerbas with Berenice Dimas *This class is for POC and QTPOC only* 
Session 2:  12:15-1:30 
-Loving Fiercely in Times of Turmoil with Sarah Holmes
-Sacred Economics: Success in Herbalism + the Healing Arts with Ola Obasi 
-Herb Walk with Gradey Proctor
-Reclaiming Indigenous Midwifery; Stories of Honoring Ancestral Knowledge...with Rhonda Lee Grantham  
-30 Herbs to Heal Your Village...with Erico Schleicher  
-What the Desert Knows: A Love Letter to the Lessons, Medicine, and  Magic of the Sonoran Desert with Carla Vargas-Frank 
-Medicine Poem Perfumes with Jessica Ring 
1:30-3:00 LUNCH BREAK: Divine Cafe will be selling food in the South Hall of the third floor and Taco Pedaler will be in the parking lot. 
Session 3:  3:00-4:15 
-Clearing Trauma from the Autonomic, How Plant Medicines can help Restore Emotional + Spiritual Balance with Scott Kloos 
-Plants Against the Patriarchy, Invoking the Allyship of Magical Plants with Jaysen Paulson 
-Cordials and Elixirs... Making Medicine and Magic with Joyce Netishen 
-Use What You Got: Working with a Limited Apothecary with Missy Rohs
-Plant Communication for Radical Self Care with Katie-Keath Silva

-A Thorn in the Side of Oppression: Thistle as Protection and Action  *this class is for BIPOC only*  with Galadriel Mozee Legare 
Session 4:  4:45-6:00
-Nuestra Raices: Ancestral and Herbal Knowledge for a New Lexicon of Healing with Lara Pacheco
-Solidarity in the Clinic and Beyond with Sean Donahue
-Beasts of the Belly, Herbs + Nutrition for Digestive Woes withSamantha Roberts 
-Herbalism for Childhood and Parenthood with Sue Burns
-Receiving the Earth's Protection: Herbs for Burning and Clearing
with Dusty Dimitri 

-Working with Grief with Sarah Holmes
Doors Open at 9:30 am 
Check In: 9:30am Only if you didn't check in Saturday (Academic Building 3rd floor) 
Medicine Marketplace open 9:30am-6pm (rooms 301,302,310) 
Session 1:  10:00-11:15 
-Prairie Wildflower and Land Essences: Teachings on Resilience, Hope, and Connection with Shayne Case  
-Decolonizing Herbalism Roundtable with Lara Pacheco and Missy Rohs 
-Powerful Herbal Pairs with Paul Bergner 
-Putting Together a Case/Client Work*for intermediate to advanced students with Karyn Sanders 
-Tending the Sacred Stockpot with Rose S.B.  
-Emotional First Aid in a Trauma Filled World  with Lydia Bartholow 
Session 2:  11:45-1:30 
-We are the Alder People, Renewing Ancestral Roots in a Clear Cut Culture with Scott Kloos 
-Social Forestry and Tree Medicine with Hazel of Little Wolf Gulch 
-Plant Medicine for The Age of Lonliness with Milla Prince  
-Basketry as Plant Medicine with Peter Michael Bauer 
-Seasons of the Wild Ones with Heron Brae 
-Self Care Through the Menstrual Cycle with Silke Akerson 
1:30-3:00 LUNCH BREAK Divine Cafe will be selling food in the South Hall of the third floor and Taco Pedaler will be in the parking lot.  
Session 3:  3:00-4:15 
-Oak, Salmon, and Wild Water with Sean Donahue 
-Marijuana as Teacher with Ola Obasi 
-Herbal First Aid in Action with Rowan Everard and Jonathan Irwin 
-Cultivating the Heart with Laura Altvater 
-Ayurvedic Herbal Psychology with Suzanne Rosen 
-Precise Diagnostics and the Six Tissue States with Sajah Popham 
Session 4:   4:45-6:00 
-Tree People with Milla Prince
-Canoe Journey Herbalists: Honoring the Medicines of the Water and the Land with Rhonda Lee Grantham 
-Witch Butters and Phytoestrogens with Hazel of Little Wolf Gulch 
-Opioid Crisis + Herbalism: Key Things to Know + Do with Lydia Bartholow
-Herbs in Pregnancy and Breastfeeding with Silke Akerson 
-Rewilding: Planting the Seeds for the future with Peter Michael Bauer 
6:00 Closing Circle (short and sweet) 
More info. on Location, Here.