2017 Weekend Schedule TBA. 

To give you an idea see schedule from last year below... 

2016 Weekend Schedule! 
The 8th Annual Portland Plant Medicine Gathering! 
November 11th, 12th, and 13th
Friday Eve
6:30pm Doors Open In Radelet Hall (Oak Hall) 2719 SW Kelly Ave. 
7pm: Keynote with Dori Midnight: Dreaming Ourselves Free: Magic and Medicine for Collective Liberation 
9:00-10:00am Check In (Academic Building, 3rd floor, 049 SW Porter St.
9:30am- 6:00pm Medicine Marketplace Open (rooms 310, 301, 302) 
10:00-10:15 Opening Circle (room 310, Academic Building, 3rd floor)
*You do not need to pre-register for classes, you can choose as you go.*
10:30-11:45 Session 1:
The Practice of Psycho-Spiritual Medicine with Scott Kloos 
Big Brown Kelps with Trish Gallagher
Herbal Remedies for your Sun sign, Flower Essences for your Moon sign with Jaysen Paulson and Iris Misciagna 
Courageous Love with Lindsay Buchannan  
Romancing the Plants with Benjamin Pixie
12:00-1:30 Session 2:
Between The Worlds with Dori Midnight   
Balancing the Ocean with Erico Schleicher 
Medicine For the People with the People's Health Clinic of Portland
Co-Creating Garden Magic with Camilla Blossom
Herb Walk with Gradey, Meet in the Hawthorne Room
1:00-3:00 LUNCH BREAK:
Divine Cafe will be serving food in the North Hall on the 3rd Floor and Taco Pedaler will be in the Parking Lot.  
3:00-4:15 Session 3:
Gardening for the Apocolypse with Elokin Orton-Cheung
Herbs for A Heavy Heart with Missy Rohs
Guided Q & A on Queer and Trans Healthcare with Rowan Everard 
Building Resiliency and Autonomy via Womb Education with Lara Pacheco 
Diabetes, Colonization, and Herbal Intervention with Lydia Bartholow
4:30-6:00 Session 4:
Stone and Plant Alchemy with Sarah Thomas
Herbs! Oh the Stories they Tell with EagleSong Evans Gardener
Doug Fir Room Demystifying Herbal Abortion with Casandra Johns & Samantha Zipporah
Healing Herbs for Babies and Children with Silke Akerson
Medicine for Side Effects of Hormone Therapy for Trasngender and Genderqueer People with Angela Carter
Sunday: 9:30-10:00 Check In (only for those who didn't check in Saturday) 
9:30am-6:00pm Medicine Marketplace Open (rooms 310, 301, 302) 
10:00-11:30 Session 1
Hearts on Fire with Shayne Case
Waking from a Long Unrest with Heron Brae
The Key to Herbal Energetics with Sajah Popham
Weaving a Baby Broom with Peter Bauer
Inviting the Wild Into your Medicine With Larry Savides
11:45-1:00 Session 2
Perfume and Medicine with Sean Donahue and Jess Ring
End of Life Care with Trish Gallagher
Combating Sysetmic Oppression by Cultivating the Wild with Lara Pacheco
Elemental Medicine with Wheels Darling
Health in a Toxic World with Silke Akerson
1:00-3:00 LUNCH Divine Cafe will be serving food in the North Hall on the 3rd Floor and Taco Pedaler will be in the Parking Lot.
3:00-4:15 Session 3
20 Questions with Dori & Shayne with Dori Midnight and Shayne Case
Ecosystem Informed Formulation with Sean Croke
The Language of Herbalism with Casandra Johns
Herbal Steams with Jeevan Singh
Stones for Trauma with Sarah Thomas
4:45-6:00 Session 4
The Heart Protector with Sean Donahue
Toward A Trauma Informed Herbalism with Lydia Bartholow
Medicinals Planting Calendar with Laura Altvater
Complimenting your Herbal Practice with Bowen Work with Cobalt Coy Pelvic Bowl Stagnation with Rowan Everard
More info. on Location, Here.