The 10th Annual Portland Plant Medicine Gathering!  
November 9th, 10th and 11th, 2018.
Marylhurst University,  

2018 Workshop Descriptions 

Animal Medicine
with Karyn Sanders
In this class you will be learning about how the plants carry animal medicine. We will talk about the different animal medicines,ie: wolf, deer, elk,etc. When to use an animal medicine, some plants that carry these medicines and how many to use at once.
Plant allies here and there; Koromo + Mukaro and the Element of Water
with Lara Pacheco 
The beckoning cry of our ancestors has called us into this place of healing. In Puerto Rico our colonizer told us that the Taíno ways had been destroyed. And yet, here they are guiding the work to illuminate consciousness. This class will focus on the the unearthing of the many shackles of colonialism, and explore the journey of reconnecting with  indigenous ways of knowing. We will spend our class time on sitting with the season of Autumn and drawing from the Caribbean ancestors through plants, elements, food and animal guides. We will also discuss plants cultivated and native of the PNW, and how I've incorporated these into my practice.
Brujas Feministas
with La Loba Loca
Who are the witches? Who were the ones killed and torture by the state-church-patriarchy complex? In this knowledge share we will talk about witches, the witch hunts and the historical processes that allowed for the torturing and killing of so-called witches. From a feminist and political perspective, we will take a look at what gave rise to the witch burnings. We will touch on the generational trauma of the witch hunts and the current reclamation of the term BRUJA. 
Connecting with Nature
with Sarah Holmes
This class will explore and celebrate our connection with the plant beings and all of Nature. What does this really mean? How can we be in deeper communication with Nature? What does it mean to be in a reciprocal relationship with the plants? What is our role as humans in the natural world? How does this affect our physical health? We will be discussing these concepts as well as spending time meditating with the plants and working with the energies of Nature.
Holistic First Aid
with Mara Cur 

An introduction to acute health concerns, this class will enhance one's ability to practice first aid in low-tech and/or remote spaces.  We will discuss potential first aid scenarios and their standard procedures, and become acquainted with herbs who have long been allies and teachers in emergency response care. This class will conclude with a hands-on learning demo in which people have the option to practice some first aid skills together.
Relationships Are the Wealth of Your Life
with Dusty Dmitri Bloomingheart
How far does your sense of community extend? Do you include the living non-human world? Who do you feel responsible to safeguard and defend? Living under capitalism, with our labor and the abundant gifts of the earth commodified, it can be a challenge to recognize the relationships that sustain us. As a result of colonialism, settlers and some Indigenous peoples are no longer living on their traditional lands. How do we build or deepen relationship with the lands we live on? How do we sustain life where we are? How do we steward the land? How do we know we belong? This workshop will be part lecture, part small group discussion.
Herbal Charms for Personal and Collective Healing
with Dusty Dmitri Bloomingheart
Learn about the magical properties of select herbs and develop your ability to intuit what is right for you at a core level in this hands-on workshop for crafting protective and healing herbal charms. We will be offering these prayers for healing on both the personal and collective levels, recognizing that our wellness is tied to the wellness of the whole. In praying for ourselves, we must also deepen into serving our collective good.
The Art of Formulation (Level: beginner-intermediate)
with Abigail Singer
Herbs work in a wide variety of ways to heal wounds, ease anxiety, support liver detoxification and help us move through heartbreak – just to name a few of their many talents! This class will provide an overview of herbal actions and an introduction to formulation – the art and science of synergizing multiple herbs in a formula to achieve a desired result. We’ll be tasting some herbs, engaging our senses and exploring how herbal combinations can be used effectively in healing.
Queer Healing for the Energy Body
with Clara Parnell 

When transphobia, homophobia, and femmephobia impact us on the physical plane.This class will discuss the energetic wounding that can happen and become stored in our bodies when we are impacted by the beliefs and oppressions of cis heteronormativity. How do these expereinces live and breathe in our Pelvis? Our Hearts? Our Bellies? Our Throats? Our Visions? This class will explore these patterns and self-healing remedies.
Moon & Tides: Seasons of the Menstrual Cycle
with Jeevan Singh
For as long as humans have been in existence, we have studied the stars, longed for communion with celestial bodies and observed the cycles in nature all around us. By listening to the rhythms of the cosmos and the earth, ancient humans related these larger movements to the movements within our bodies. Classical Chinese medicine is founded on this understanding of the macrocosm and microcosm, and as such can be related to the phases of the menstrual cycle. Just as the moon tugs on the ocean’s tides, an attuned menstrual cycle is innately connected to the cyclical patterns within nature, reflected in its microcosmic expansion and contraction, filling and releasing, high and low tides. This workshop will explore the seasons with the cycle, its energetics and suggestions for self-care, including working with plants. Even if you are not a person who bleeds, these ideas can be applied to the actual seasons in nature. All are welcome.
Remembering Our Bones: Connection to Ancestors BIPOC only
with Jeevan Singh and Heaven Celeste Thunder  
Each of us walks alongside our ancestors, the ones who spoke with plants, who made medicines, who kept traditional wisdom. This will be an experiential class to practice connecting with these ancestors in a safe space. You don't need to know exactly where they come from, all you need is your own bones to tell you the truth of where you come from. Through discussion and practice, we will explore ways to connect to, listen to and call in the guidance of our ancestors. If you already have a practice or cultural inheritance of how to do this, it is welcome.
Healing Imposter Syndrome with Plant and Stone Friends
with Liz Long and Meghan Hawkins 
What value systems initially defined what it is to be an imposter, and how do we begin to liberate ourselves from internalized voices that undermine our innate wisdom? How can we work with plants ands gems to connect more deeply to our internal knowing and belonging? We will explore the ways in which working with Earth medicine asks us to draw on our own intuition, and how cultivating this internal knowing is an inherently subversive and radical act. We will explore the subtle ways the oppressor is internalized and use plant and gem allies to move toward connectedness, gentleness and cooperation. Our goal is to gently explore power as it shows up in ourselves, in one another, and the systems around us in the hopes of practicing a new paradigm. Are flower essences radical revolutionaries? How does energetic medicine help in the fight against oppression? Our class will include thought exercises, meditation, and direct work with flower/gem essences that will help us lean on our own internal knowing and support us in ways of sharing knowledge that honor each person’s intuition. 
Plant Magic In A Bottle
Flower Essence Practices for Resilience, Connection and Joy
with Milla Prince
There's nothing esoteric about flower essences, they're a simple and powerful way for us to explore ourselves, as well as our place in the world. Flower essence practices are equal parts intuition, practical magic, and an ancient way to communicate with the Living World. They are a modern (but surprisingly ancient!) iteration of a language older than words; a practice of listening both to plants, land, non-human- others, bodies of water, landscapes, spirits, ancestors and everything around us that is not of-us, but shapes our daily existence.
Transgender Essentials for Clinical Interactions
with Emiliano Lemus and Lizanne Deliz
This workshop will review the essentials for working with transgender and gender nonconforming clients. Using a practical, case-based approach, we will discuss transgender cultural competence. This will include sex and gender positive tools for discussing sensitive health topics, and the importance of approaching clients in a trauma-informed manner. We will also review structuring clinical spaces to reflect transgender inclusion. Participants will emerge with a grounded understanding of the health and social concerns faced by many trans clients, as well as best practices for fostering healing.
Plant Allies For Dogs
with Letty Chichitonyolotli
In this workshop, students will learn basics on anatomy and physiology and common ailments of dogs, how they differ from humans and will learn about the plants that can be safely used to treat acute health concerns. 
Students will also walk away with information on how to build an herbal First Aid kit for home use. 
Recaliming and Re-Indigenizing Plant Medicine Practices
with  Roberta EagleHorse Ortiz and Letty Chichitonyolotli
BIPOC Only Space
In a field where dominant culture often pervades and claims ancient wisdom of our ancestors it can be difficult to stand in the power of our inherited knowledge of plant medicine. Many of us have been removed from our ancestral ways of knowing as a result of colonization and the genocidal practices that we have survived thus far. Come together with BIPOC plant medicine makers and growers to discuss ways to support the efforts of keeping our collective wisdom protected. 

More 2018 Workshop Descriptions Coming Soon! 

Class Descriptions from 2017

Deconstructing Reductionism as a Way of Life
Keynote with Ola Obasi 
Living within a society constructed on the principles of reductionism for centuries, it seems as we unravel the depths of its destruction the more overwhelm we witness. Life is sacred, life is opportunity to honor and uphold ourselves and each other; there is no other way to be. With our current state of being on this planet, it is crucial to come to a place within our hearts to aspire to be our best selves. Our aspirations are fueled by courage and consciousness, compassion and creativity, this is what deconstructing reductionism entails to pave a way for life to Be.
Baba Yaga's House
with Milla Prince
A Class on how and why the Witch is making a return in our age, the many historical and cultural connotations of the word and concept, and a discussion on how modern witches are part of an ancient lineage of people who live in the margins, see in the dark, and hear and speak in the voice of nature and the invisible world. We'll discuss the witch as a feminine power, a subversive voice, a "shaman", a political figure, and even a #trend.
Tree People
with Milla Prince

This class delves into the mythology of trees as our ancestors, ancient deities, and living beings in their own right; all the while learning how to create beautiful, practical magic and medicine with them. Trees are often overlooked as a simple, easy-to-approach medicinal plants for those seeking to learn plant-knowledge. They are relatively easy to identify, rich in constituents, easy to harvest safely and sustainably, and they are a huge part of most of our ancestral plant medicine. Trees carry some of the oldest, most tangible magic on this Earth, literally giving us the breath of life.
Plant Medicine for the Age of Lonliness
with Milla Prince
While some have dubbed this era we live in " The Anthropocene", "the age of humans", E.O. Wilson's term "Eremocene", "the age of loneliness", much better describes the trying times we are living in. Even as we as a culture, become more and more removed from our non-human relatives and ancestral wisdom and practices, many of us struggle with an ever increasing Earth Grief; the pain of being alive in troubled times. The ancient medicine of plants can not only help us receive healing in our bodies, and spirits, but also help weave us back into the Web of Life, and connect us to our bioregions, communities, & our own dormant skills as land-based folks.
Use What You Got: Working With a Limited Apothecary
with Missy Rohs

Many people, when starting their herbal journey, hear from their teachers that an experienced herbalist tends to rely on a small handful of herbs for almost everything. Besides that, there are many situations in which we only have a few plant medicines at hand. How do we work with a limited selection of healing herbs? This will be a fun, thoroughly participatory class in which students will work together to find creative ways to address common ailments, even when they don't have their favorite herbs to work with. Plant actions and energetics will be the common thread throughout the scenarios we create together.
Prairie Wildflower and Land Essences: Teachings on Resilience, Hope, and Connection
with Shayne Case 

This past spring, I met a young Oglala girl named Raeanne while visiting a family burial site at Wounded Knee in Oglala Lakota County. She called me “Flower Talker” and took me by the hand to a nearby patch of Beardtongue Penstemon. We sat and watched a fat bumblebee fit its body into the throat of the flower and we laughed and laughed. She told me, “This flower is for happiness.” That encounter began a journey across my paternal homelands spanning the distance from Pine Ridge Reservation through the grassland prairies of the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation, where my family currently resides, up to Standing Rock Sioux Reservation and then into the sacred Black Hills. Listening to the flowers, the minerals, the ghost winds of my Lakota relatives, and the land energies I made 18 different flower and land essences. In this class, I will share some of their stories and relay the messages of what these plants have come to teach us in this age of awakening.
Sacred Spirit of Mullein: Listening to Your Inner Guidance
Camilla Blossom Bishop
The subtle energy of Mullein flower essence brings us back into equilibrium and our breath in order to see with the eyes of our heart. Mullein opens our ears to spirit. We will learn about Mullein and its many healing properties as well as journey with the spirit of the plant to meet this beautiful ally, teacher, and wise guide. Align with the cycles of your power. Mullein grows in disturbed places and can create healing dialog between genders (#metoo). Mullein supports both community endeavors and the individuation process needed to claim our personal power.
Cordials and Elixirs… Making Medicine and Magic
with Joyce Netishen
Cordials and elixirs have a long medicinal, mystical and magical history. Learn to create special potions that inspire health and vitality, strong spirit and beneficent presence within… and without.  This class is about creating medicine with ceremony, intention and potential.  It is not about constituents and ratios.  We will create an elixir in the devotional spirit of the autumnal season.  Please bring a clean 8 oz jar with you to be able to take your creation home.
What the Desert Knows: A love letter to the lessons, medicine, and magic of the Sonoran Desert
with Carla Vargas-Frank
The desert's rough and often unforgiving landscape has much to teach us about life, stamina, and preserving one's physical and spiritual energy. It's wide horizons and portent plant medicines teach us about the vastness of our own hearts and what it means to be soft, even while wearing a coat of armor. This class will explore the many ways in which place can inform our lives and practice and will discuss some of the plant medicines that can assist us on our path of embodied healing.
Putting Together a Case/Client Work
with Karyn Sanders
In this class we will look at how to understand what has been presented to you in an intake, how to pull together all aspects and decide on a plan of healing. This class will be taught from a native perspective.
level: intermediate to advanced 
Working with Trauma from a Native Perspective
with Karyn Sanders 

We will be looking at what is trauma, where is it in the body and how to heal from truama. We will look at energetic levels in the body and use some practical tools for everyday life. Herbs and flower essences will be covered if there is time. 
Loving Fiercely in Time of Turmoil
with Sarah Holmes
Come explore the ways the plants can support us in our work, both personal and political. We will look at the importance of staying connected to our hearts and discuss strategies for self-care that keep our activism sustainable.
Working withGrief
with Sarah Holmes 
Loss is a part of life and yet, we often don’t take the time to honor those losses and allow that grief to move through us. We’ll discuss herbs that can support us in our grieving process, whether a new or old loss, and strategies for getting unstuck.
Self-Limpias con Yerbas
with Berenice Dimas 
Limpias are healing ceremonies with plants to support people that have experiences deep levels of trauma and Susto. In Mexican indigenous practices, we use limpias as ritualels to help bring our spirit back into our body. We will be discussing and practicing different ways to use herbs for Susto. * This workshop is specifically for people of color y QTPOC.
Canoe Journey Herbalists: Honoring the Medicines of the Water & the Land
with Rhonda Lee Grantham
Every year, the intertribal Canoe Journey invites Indigenous people to travel their ancestral waters- through all varieties of weather and sacrifice and unspoken challenge- as they honor the importance of community, sobriety, and traditional culture.
This past summer, the Canoe Journey Herbalists Project was born. For nearly a month, we traveled along the Puget Sound Route to BC, offering canoe journey participants everything from herbal first aid to wellness support to opportunities to learn & engage with plant medicines. We soothed the sore feet of our elders and the achey muscles of our canoe pullers. We engaged children in medicine making and healing, and supported pregnant and parenting families.
With the support of amazing herbalist volunteers and community donations- we treated hundreds and reached thousands- bridging the healing medicines of the land as we traveled along the waters. In this session, we will have a panel discussion on the project, discuss lessons learned, and invite others to participate in supporting the Canoe Journey Herbalists project, year after year!
Reclaiming Indigenous Midwifery; Stories of honoring ancestral knowledge, resisting medical colonization + returning birth to Indigenous communities
with Rhonda Lee Grantham
With ancestral wisdom, knowledge of plant medicines, and unspoken cultural understanding, midwives & healers have forever offered their hands in service throughout the journey of pregnancy and childbirth. In an obstetric-minded attempt to improve maternal-child health, “traditional birth attendants” and “lay midwives” continue to be systematically oppressed in a government-funded move towards institutionalized birth. And in a similar mindset of the boarding schools of the past, “forced relocation for delivery” (requiring women to leave their families and their communities around the time of birth, often for several months) is still a common practice for too many birthing families.
But the resistance is growing. Indigenous communities are demanding to keep their families together and their communities whole, to birth on their traditional lands, and to serve one another in a culturally-centered way. And as we honor the truth that birth is both a physical experience experience and a sacred ceremony, we are restoring family traditions while healing generations. The movement to Reclaim Indigenous Midwifery is here.
A Thorn in the Side of Oppression: Thistle as Protection and Action
with Galadriel Mozee Legare
This workshop is for black, indigenous and other people of color only. If you require a non bipoc care attendant they are welcome in this space. We will explore the historical uses of the thistle plant in bipoc communities as medicine, food and protection with a focus on the use and connection in African Diasporas in Northern America. Using guided meditation and ritual we will find magical connection with thistle and begin to develop a personal plan of action to live as a thorn in the side of our own and others oppression. *this class is for BIPOC, black, indigenous, and other people of color only* 
Decolonizing Herbalism Roundtable 
with Missy Rohs, Lara Pacheco, and others! 
Join Herbalists without Borders in a facilitated roundtable discussion on how we as herbalists can better organize ourselves and support efforts to decolonize herbalism amidst a consumerist culture that pushes us to compete. We will have a panel discussion followed by group brainstorming around local action items.  Facilitation by Missy Rohs with an introduction from Lara Pacheco. We will discuss the following questions.
-How is herbalism colonized, specifically locally?
-What can we do in our personal practices to combat this?? 
-What are local efforts we can get involved in?
Sacred Economics: Success in Herbalism and the Healing Arts
with Ola Obasi 
Holistic health is a way to live and build economically and sometimes not. If we think of our practice within the dynamic of sacred economics perhaps we would see more success in a way we desire. This course will explore principles of sacred economics that can be useful in the growth and maintenance of any holistic health practice.
Marijuana as Teacher
with Ola Obasi

Cannabis is back on the mainstream map as a conduit to heal so many in the healthcare system and beyond. The truth it always has been a healing plant. This course seeks to explore how it inherited it’s “criminal” reputation and how the plant continues to teach us about our state affairs.
Tending the Sacred Stockpot
with Rose S.B.
Since time immemorial the human organism has cherished the potent healing powers of tonic foods and medicines exposed to the transformational powers of water and flame. Yet few of us have the deep relationship with medicinal stocks, soups and stews that all our ancestors enjoyed in one fashion or another. We will discuss ways that we can incorporate our plant and animal* wisdom into powerful & yummy food that nourishes the physical and beyond as we invoke the sacredness of the cauldron from which our food and medicines flow. *Trigger warning: there will be a heavy emphasis on the use of animal bones, meat and organs as part of the recipes and techniques shared.

Making Beauty in the Wild World: Healing The Human Offering
with Rose S.B. 
Many of us have felt deeply the ways that the land and it’s wild creatures miss our presence on the greater landscape. What is it that the land is missing from us? What are the unique gifts humans have to offer the wild world? When we’re living in balance, what is our ecological niche anyways? Using the ways of the beaver and the bear as our guides we will discover together some of the gifts we have to offer the non-human world. We will sing songs together and learn to make some lovely botanical incense as we consider these questions.

Emotional First Aid for Traumatizing Times
with Lydia Bartholow
These are traumatizing times: racism maintains centrality in our culture, environmental collapse feels imminent, misogynists reign. The workshop offers a brief overview of how to conceptualize trauma in our current landscape from a neurochemical perspective. We follow this up with a materia medica for trauma, heart break and resiliency, as well as an overview of how to use words as medicine for the wounded among us. 
Opioid Crisis and Herbalism: key things to know and do
with Lydia Bartholow 
Every health care provider in every corner of the world, including herbalists, gotta know how to manage the basics of the opiate epidemic. This workshop is for you if you want to:  understand the structural violence that promoted the epidemic; know how to respond to overdose, including the use of Narcan; what the hell fentanyl is; how to manage withdrawals with herbs and how to use herbs for harm reduction, and recovery. If you know anyone struggling with addiction, if you struggle with addiction, if you want to help your community, if you want to better understand radical public health OR if you just ever walk down any street in any urban or rural area (where you are likely to see an overdose) - this class is for you!
Receiving the Earth's Protection: Herbs for Burning and Clearing
with Dusty Dmitri Bloomingheart
When do we need protection and what from? What are we asking herbs to clear? How are the energetic nuances of herbs important to us as healers, activists, change-makers? Surveying a sampling of both Native and European plants used for clearing undesired energies and reinforcing energetic boundaries, we will explore the energetic subtleties through our very own noses and firsthand experience. Tools we may work with are green brush-downs, hydrosols and burning herbs. We will discuss the ecological impact of harvesting herbs for this purpose, and how our relationships with plants fit into the larger scheme of decolonization and belonging to place.
Powerful Herbal Pairs
with Paul Bergner 
The basis of good herbal formulation is a study and understanding of pairs and triplets of herbs with synergies that give the combinations powers greater than the sum of the actions of the individual herbs. We will discuss pairing strategies with a dozen of the most commonly used herbs in Western Herbalism.
Seasons of the Wild Ones
with Heron Brae 
Many of us feel lost and longing for a way home to a right relationship with the earth and our plant allies. Modern life divorces us from the natural rhythms of the land unless we make a conscious decision to be connected to them. What are the natural seasonal rhythms of our landscape? How do these seasonal rhythms affect our lives, activities, and health? How are the seasons reflected in the plants around us? In this lecture we will discuss seasonal patterns in relationship to plants, and the inner seasonal rhythms that echo within and around us. The wheel of the year holds many layers of pattern and symbology, including plant harvesting techniques, medicinal characteristics, human development, and community design. We will come away with a map of each of our personal yearly cycles to help us shape a more earth-centered life for ourselves.
Nuestra Raíces: Ancestral and Herbal Knowledge for a New Lexicon of Healing
with Lara Pacheco 
Lara Pacheco, of Seed and Thistle Apothecary and Seasonal Wellness Clinic, will share from her Puerto Rican ancestral plant lore as a way to understand and stitch together the body, mind, and spirit connection that have been lost to our consumeristic culture’s perspective on medicine, the body and illness. Lara believes that connecting with our herbal ancestral narratives is a source of strength and resilience in the face of global ecological catastrophe. She also believes that those most marginalized by our patriarchal system will be the leaders in the emerging shift in consciousness and place. The real question is can we re immerse ourselves deeply into the web/womb of life through our stories and ancestral connections? We’ll also learn how it is possible to try and integrate ancestral guides into a herbalist practice. Join Lara, by gently immersing yourself in the deep vast ocean of ancestral knowledge and plant lore; since plants will help us lead the way.
Solidarity in the Clinic and Beyond
with Sean Donahue
How can we address the imbalances in power present between practitioners and clients in a clinical setting? How can we take into account the social, cultural, and economic conditions that give rise to or exacerbate our clients’ suffering? How do we call in plants as allies in peoples’ struggle for justice and liberation? This class will be an exploration of power, privilege, and justice in the clinical setting drawing from critical theory and from experiences as both a practitioner and a client/patient.
Oak, Salmon, and Wild Water
with Sean Donahue 
Sean Donahue share his reflections on the surviving remnants of animist healing traditions in Ireland, their echoes in the culture of the rural communities of western Ireland, and the relationship of the Irish diaspora with the reclaiming and resurrection of these traditions.
Beasts of the Belly: herbs and nutrition for digestive woes
with Samantha Roberts 
Oh the gut…  When something is amiss with the gut it has such an impact on your day-to-day life as well as the rest of your body.  Digestive problems can also be indicators of larger imbalances in your system.  In this class we will go over some common digestive woes, potential physical and emotional root causes, how to treat them, and how to contextualize them within your body’s bigger picture.
Herb Walk
with Gradey Proctor
Join Gradey as we walk around the grounds to see what’s growing, or dormant, around Campus. We’ll learn to identify medicinal herbs by their dead stems and seeds, trees and shrubs by their twigs; discussing botany, ecology, medicinal uses, wildcrafting and whatever else the plants feel up to sharing.  Please come dressed for the weather.
Herbal First Aid in Action
with Rowan Everard and Dr. Annah Shapiro 
Our class will give people good information about herbal remedies for common maladies, especially those encountered while traveling and at protests. It is mostly geared toward novices and laypeople, but we are excited to nerd out with seasoned practitioners too.
30 Herbs to Heal your Village: Understanding What you Really Need 
with Erico Schleicher
What do we really need to be effective herbalists? A deep understanding of certain locally accessible plants and how to gather and formulate them; a close connection to the particular health needs of your community; and a grasp of basic therapeutic principles and how to spot potential red flags. All of these intersect at the conceptual nodes represented by a relatively small materia medica of plant medicines you know thoroughly and intimately. In this "demystified approach to being extraordinarily helpful," we explore ways to develop into herbal medicine workers for our various peoples and communities without the stresses that accompany being the only one holding access to esoteric arts. This class offers perspectives on how plant based medicine connects ecological sustainability with direct community support and health accessibility.
Sacred Spirit of Mullein: Listening to Your Inner Guidance
Camilla Blossom Bishop
The subtle energy of Mullein flower essence brings us back into equilibrium and our breath in order to see with the eyes of our heart. Mullein opens our ears to spirit. We will learn about Mullein and its many healing properties as well as journey with the spirit of the plant to meet this beautiful ally, teacher, and wise guide. Align with the cycles of your power. Mullein grows in disturbed places and can create healing dialog between genders (#metoo). Mullein supports both community endeavors and the individuation process needed to claim our personal power.
Making the Most Of Chronic Health Problems
with Lindsay Buchanan
Sometimes health problems can be ambiguous, non-sensical, non diagnosed, non-linear, not seeming to improve and ruining the quality of our lives. Health is one of our true forms of wealth, but it’s not our only one. In this class we will explore the differences between health and wellness, and how to achieve wellness no matter what the status of your health is. We will also explore how to support our friends and family that struggle with chronic, ambiguous or persistent health problems. In this class we will scratch the surface on how our health, health problems and symptoms are actually a true gift in our lives, and how to make the best out of chronic health problems. We will also begin to make a "kit for the road back to health" for acute circumstances when dealing with health issues. 
Social Forestry and Tree Medicine 
with Hazel of Little Wolf Gulch
The horticulture of the west coast First Nations was awesome. Anthropologists wondered why they never became agriculturalists.  The remnants of ethnobotany on the ground are still visible in many places on the west coast.  We will explore how we might return to landscape scale horticulture and the abundance.  Social Forestry is about local communities working together to enhance and restore Oak Pine savannas, riparian corridors, brush lands, community woodlands and fire resistant old growth forests.   The big common task is to return cool understory burning to the forested landscape.  Some thinning and high pruning work is necessary before we can under burn.  There are many herbal and alternative forestry products to process on the way to the return of fire.  We will review what social and material wonders await us.  
Tree filled urban areas in Northwest cities also have potential for Social Forestry.  Many organic farms have untended woodlands and forests. Those of us who come from Europe and many other forested landscapes have Deep Social Forestry (also called Traditional Ecological Knowledge) in our language, stories and poetry.  The celts practice a spiritual ecological relationship to the sacred groves of Alphabet Trees.  We will look at how similar our NW forests are to the European ones of some of our ancestors and what the Sacred Groves (where Druids where trained) here might contain. Our work in Ecotopia (or is it Cascadia?) of re-indigenation, de-colonization and re-wilding  takes place on our forested landscapes.  We are all relations of the trees, the tall standing people.  Our attitude needs be of gratitude.
Witches’ Butters and Phytoestrogens
with Hazel of Little Gulch 
The skin is a good absorber of hormones.  The old stories of butters are of psychedelics for flying but this session is about hormone replacement and treatment.  We will review my experience with using various phytoestrogen supplements for health improvement.  Inter-sexuals and trans-sexuals are usually sent to chemical pharmaceuticals and require doctors prescriptions but I will talk about herbs that may help. There are side effects of hormone therapies to mitigate: heart and blood pressure issues.  What other supplements are useful to supplement the hormones?  This is personal experience and I am reporting on twenty years of experimentation. Let’s talk.  
Basketry as Plant Medicine
with Peter Michael Bauer  
Join Peter and learn how to weave a little basket out of English Ivy. While we weave we will talk about the ways in which working with plants on a physical level–exploring them with our sense of touch while creating works of art through handwork–is another kind of plant medicine. We will also talk about the ways we can incorporate and develop relationships with newcomer plants (aka invasive species) such as English Ivy. 
Rewilding: Planting Back Seeds for the Future
with Peter Michael Bauer 
How did humans live for 3 million years without destroying the ecosystems we rely on? How has civilization crafted a mythology around the concept of "wildness" to prevent us from escaping the trappings of domestication? What are the negative symptoms of domestication and how can we address the underlying causes? How can we create something new in collaboration with one another that will reflect more of what we need as human animals in an integrated ecology? Come explore these questions and more.
We are the Alder People: Renewing Ancestral Roots in a Clear-cut Culture
with Scott Kloos 
Even though many in our culture do not cultivate relationships with or honor our ancestors or the spirits of the lands in which we live, the ancestral forces are making themselves available to guide us through these turbulent times. Many of our current challenges, including an understanding of who we are or of how we relate as humans to the greater web of life is, may be attributed to a lack of relationship to these beings. In this class we will discuss ways to make these connections and the Plant Teachers who can help facilitate the renewal of these relationships. We will focus on the teachings of Alder who initiates the restoration of devastated land and inspires us to repair the inner devastation wrought by the dominant industrial culture. Come join me in singing songs of remembrance to make way for the spirits of renewal.
Clearing Trauma from the Autonomic: How Plant Medicines Can Help Restore Emotional and Spiritual Balance
with Scott Kloos 
The autonomic nervous system, which more accurately ought to be described as being responsible for fight, flight, or resist and rest, digest, or release, may house the imprints of some of our most deeply traumatic experiences. If we do not clear these imprints, debilitating psycho-spiritual maladies including: anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, frequent nightmares, emotional outbursts, hyper-vigilance, or emotional numbness and feelings of disconnect may plague us. Via shaking, purging, and energetic reorganization, some of my favorite plant medicines—Aspen, Silktassel, Iboga, Ayahuasca, and Devil’s Club—work to restore balance to the autonomic nervous system. I will share some of my personal experiences of healing trauma and how the plants have supported and accelerated this challenging process.e their support for setting boundaries, choosing a positive direction in life, loving Plant Communication for Radical Self Care
with Katie-Keath Silva
Plants are available to us in profound, reciprocal relationship as powerful teachers, healers and guides. In a performance-oriented dominant culture of separation and aggression, self-care is activism. Come experience direct physical, emotional and shamanic relationship with local plants and receive their support for setting boundaries, choosing a positive direction in life, loving and caring for yourself and creating healthier relationships. caring for yourself and creating healthier relationships. 
Self Care Through the Menstrual Cycle
with Silke Akerson

The menstrual cycle can be a great teacher about our bodies.  Understanding our own cycles can point us back to physical and emotional health and balance if we learn how to listen to them.  In this class we will cover each phase of the menstrual cycle including physiology, signs of imbalance and the herbs and acts of self-care we can use to heal issues that arise in the cycle.  We will focus especially on premenstrual symptoms, cramps, irregular cycles and the emotional, spiritual, and physical benefits of bleeding
Herbs in Pregnancy and Breastfeeding
with Silke Akerson 
There is a lot of misinformation, fear, and confusion about safely using herbal medicine in pregnancy and breastfeeding.  The truth is that pregnant and breastfeeding people are just people.  They, and their fetuses and babies, do have special considerations and sensitivities but there are many nourishing and medicinal plants that are great for use for bodies that are growing and feeding a baby.  Come learn about using herbs safely and confidently with pregnant and breastfeeding people.
Precise Diagnostics and the Six Tissue States
with Sajah Popham 
Modern allopathic approaches to both conventional and herbal medicines have 1 thing in common- a symptomatic approach to treatment. While treatment of symptoms is an important aspect of the healing art, it can be easy to get lost in giving “this herb for that symptom” without taking a moment to look into the deeper underlying causes of those symptoms. One way this was achieved in traditional systems of healing is through models of energetic pathology, where the specific state of the tissues that comprise the organ systems is assessed and treated. This gives us a deeper understanding of the underlying patterns that give rise to symptoms and disease, and provides a more holistic understanding of the body and how herbs can be used most effectively.
In this class, you will learn the 6 tissue state model of the Physiomedicalist tradition, as discussed by Dr. Joseph Thurston in the early 1900’s. You will learn the basic physiological patterns of each tissue state, what types of diseases they tend to manifest, how to assess them holistically, and primary herbal categories for effective therapeutic treatment. 
Ayurvedic Herbal Psychology
with Suzanne Rosen 
This course explores the foundations of Ayurvedic psychology in a way that encourages compassion and clarity. We will illuminate the energetic patterns underlying mental states and behaviors in light of Ayurvedic principles and discuss multidimensional herbal approaches for healing disorders while nourishing the innate gifts associated with each Ayurvedic mental constitution. 
Plants Against the Patriarchy: Invoking the Allyship of Magical Plants
with Jaysen Paulson
We typically think of working with plants for personal benefit, but by opening to a subtle and deeper awareness, certain herbaceous friends want to assist in addressing larger global issues, stemming from capitalism and patriarchy. In this class, we will tap into the healing wisdom contained within the green Earth, and learn which plants want to assist us in creating a balanced world that we all want to live in---including the flowers themselves! This class is based on the mini-book of the same title, produced by Iris Mae Misciagna and Jaysen Paulson Hawthorne. .
Medicine Poem Perfumes
with Jessica Ring 
We are standing together in the forest where the red-belted conks grow.  They are sending up their fragrance of strange-plush flower, cold air, and dirty spore.  Western red cedar holds ground by the stream, a heart-wooded note of crushed blackberries and hypnotic thujone, calling the bears to feed, Underground deer truffles express themselves as the scent of dead wood, and fallen alder leaf, on cloven hoof.  Castoreum of beaver, fills the air, because down-hill from here there is a skunk cabbage bog, and lower still, a lake filled with yellow pond lilies, and rare white irises, with a fragrance like floating peace. I could tell you more and I will.  Come to this class and I will show you with words and poems and perfumes given by the forest the best way I know to healing.
Herbalism for Childhood and Parenthood
with Sue Burns 

Working with high octane tinctures can be too strong for pregnancy and
childhood.  In this class, we’ll explore herbalism in a gentler way as
to make it accessible for pregnant people, babies and kids, and new
parents.  Tapping into homeopathics, energetics, drop doses, and other
subtle healing for kids.  We’ll review my herbal first aid kit for kids
and explore ways to bring children into herbalism.  We’ll explore herbs
that have a natural affinity for children.  What herbs can we grow in
the back yard for medicine?  What medicine can kids make themselves?
What do they know about their own healing?  Using prevention, nutrition,
and intuition, children can be our teachers.
Cultivating the Heart, Growing Medicine for the Heart
with Laura Altvater   
In this class we will focus on growing, propagating and harvesting medicine for the heart in the Pacific Northwest.  Every garden cultivates love and all are as unique as the gardeners who created them.  We will talk about herbs that nourish and support the heart such as hawthorn and supporting herbs such as ginger.